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August 1, 2010
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"Our time has come.  For three hundred years, we prepared.  We grew stronger… while you rested in your cradle of power, believing your people were safe and protected.  You were trusted to lead the Republic… but you were deceived, as our powers of the dark side have blinded you.  You assumed no force could challenge you… and now … finally, we have returned.  …You were deceived.  And now your Republic …shall fall."
-Darth Malgus

"Following the Jedi Civil War, three-hundred years ago, the Council took it upon themselves to see that all remaining traces of the Sith were properly dealt with.  Times were dire.  The Republic was war torn and had undergone dramatic changes.  The death toll, was catastrophic.  Many Jedi aided in rebuilding and seeing to those that were in need.  As such, not many JedI could be spared to ensure that the Sith did not resurface from the scraps they left behind.  This was the catalyst for the birth of a new breed of JedI.  The Shadow.  A handful of JedI that vowed to root out any Sith activity in known space via intelligence, counter intelligence, espionage, and assassination.  
The birth of the Shadow was widely regarded as a dangerous addition to the JedI Order.  For the Shadow had to become familiar with the dark side; had to be able to sense it and track it.  Had to be able to gain its trust, delve into what it had to offer, and come out unchanged.  Unturned.  Killing was not beneath the Shadow.  Killing was one of the Shadow's specialties.  They were the unseen hand of the Republic, quelling any dark side activity that could potentially harm the Republic, further.
Many Shadows were lost.  Slain or worse: consumed by the darkness they were hunting.  Many of those that survived through the aftermath of the JedI Civil War were constantly reminded of the dark side, plagued with inner demons, guilt, fear, and bloodlust.  Haunting shades from a profession that had taken its toll on them.  Many became exiles, taking it upon themselves to sever all ties with Republic society for its own safety.
I am one such Shadow.  My name is Mel'Anctha Omorose… and I have seen unspeakable things.  My past ties to the dark side tell me that it is stirring.  The Sith… have returned."
A fanfic of sorts for the upcoming STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBlIC videogame. I chose to drop an OC of mine into the Old Republic timeline because my brain started working overtime and drawing out interesting plotpoints. So this is the gist of it:

Mel'Anctha is a Jedi 'Shadow'. And YES, they really DID exist! Wiki it! Basically, what a Jedi Shadow did is infiltrate, use intelligence and counter-intelligence, espionage, and assassinations.. against any Sith or Dark Side users that threatened Republic safety. Meaning, of course, that they had to walk the line between the Dark Side and the Light Side of the Force. Many couldn't handle it, and became Sith. Others exiled themselves from Republic society and the Jedi Order to protect them. Shadows are plagued with a lot of inner demons because they've done a lot of violent acts.

Mel's story takes place directly after the "Jedi vs. Sith Trailer" for The Old republic game (in which Coruscant is sacked by the Sith Empire). She is called upon by the Jedi to quell this new uprising from the inside, out. Will she accept?
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"At an end your rule is"-Yoda
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